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RICE flour

Rijstmeel • Reismehl • Farine de riz • Farina di riso


Recipe for apple quark pie:

200g universal baking mix (Peaks), 100g rice flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 120g caster sugar, 160g butter or margarine, 50g low-fat quark. For the filling: 5 large apples (preferably golden rennets), 1 tbsp Demerara sugar, 75g soaked raisins, 1 tsp cinnamon, half a whisked egg for glazing, squeeze of lemon juice to taste.


Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat until light and fluffy. Add the egg. Sieve the flour and baking powder and add to the mixture. Add the quark and mix well. Line bottom and sides of a baking dish with 2/3 of dough. Peel and finely chop the apples. Add the soaked raisins with the cinnamon, lemon juice and cane sugar. Stir thoroughly and spread across the bottom of the dish. Add extra universal baking mix to the remaining dough to thicken it. Roll out thinly and cut into strips. Arrange strips on top of mixture. Glaze with egg wash and sprinkle with Demerara sugar. Bake for 40 min. in the centre in the oven at 160°C.

Tip: Use an egg substitute for an egg-free recipe.


Rice (100%)

Nutritional value per 100 gram:

energy 1495 kj /352 kcal
  • of which saturated
  • monounsaturated
  • polyunsaturated
1.4 g

0.35 g

0.52 g

0.48 g


  • of which sugars

77.0 g

0.38 g

food fibre

0.6 g


7.6 g


<0.1 g