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Quinoa flour

Quinoameel • Quinoa-Mehl •
Farine de quinoa • Farina di quinoa


Recipe for Quinoa pancakes:

Amenities (serves 4):
100g Quinoa flour, 1 egg, 250ml milk, 1 tsp vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, honey, icing sugar.


Whisk together the quinoa flour, eggs, milk, vanilla sugar and salt to form a smooth batter (add extra milk if it is too thick). Cover bottom of a hot, oiled frying-pan with a layer of batter and cook over a moderate heat. When the surface begins to dry out, turn and fry until golden brown. Serve with honey and icing sugar.

Tip: Use an egg substitute for an egg-free recipe.


Quinoa (100%)

Nutritional value per 100 gram:

energy 1503 kj /357 kcal
vet / dat
  • of which saturated
  • monounsaturated
  • polyunsaturated
6.5 g

0.77 g

1.98 g

3.47 g


  • of which sugars

57.5 g

2.67 g

food fibre

10.8 g


11.7 g


<0.1 g